Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Beautiful and bubbly

California has a chain of stores dedicated to it.
Chicago’s addicted.
And some are wondering if it will topple the Starbucks monopoly on cool beverages.

It’s Bubble Tea.

This may not be the best thing for Discovery Tuesday since everyone’s already talking about it. But maybe you haven’t tried it yet.

Like a cappuccino, you can order it a variety of ways: hot, over ice, with milk, without milk, with pearls (the yummy tapioca balls), or without (shame on you for not at least trying it). My favorite is the milkshake variety.

But don’t be deceived by the name. Most flavors taste powerfully fruity and not like tea at all. I love mango and honeydew, but I’m trying to branch out a little and try more flavors. (If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!)

You can even buy it online (or at your local Asian market) and make it at home. It begins as a powder that you can mix with milk or water. You can also add ice and mix it up in a blender. Don’t forget the pearls! They need to be boiled in water over the stove for about five minutes. Absolutely scrumptious!


Blogger Delaura said...

One would think that if you can get it at the Asian markets, it would be a big thing in Asia, but I haven't heard of it here. Is it country-specific?

Tue Sep 12, 03:56:00 PM  
Anonymous Katherine said...

Hong Kong and Taro at O-cha are great!

Tue Sep 12, 05:48:00 PM  
Anonymous spring said...

Let's see...I've bought it at one of the Vietnamese restaurants near our house, I had an employee at a tea bar tell me it originated in Thailand, and an article I read said Taiwan. Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say....

“Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea is especially popular in many Asian regions such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.”

Does anyone else know for sure?

Kat, I’m not a big fan of the Hong Kong (tastes a little smoky to me...almost like coffee), but I do like Taro. It’s the flavor I have at home in my pantry right now.

Wed Sep 13, 05:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Will said...

My impression was that it originated in Taiwan and was quickly adopted by the surrounding countries.

I've tried about half a dozen flavors (with milk or not), and have been pleased with all of them. Didn't you think that tea at Thai Taste was a little like boba tea?

Wed Sep 13, 05:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Katherine said...

Sure was!

Wed Sep 13, 09:19:00 AM  
Blogger Spring said...

Actually, I think that it tasted a bit like Hong Kong. But isn't there a flavor called "Thai"? We should try that sometime. When do you want to go, Kat? :)

Thu Sep 14, 02:23:00 PM  

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