Monday, September 04, 2006

Is that for here or to go?

So we all know that Americans are fat. Our kids are fat. We’re fat. Our animals are even fat. We can discuss the causes of obesity all day, but what we really need to do is get to the gym.

I’m talking to myself on this one. In college, I experienced the freshman fifteen. And after losing the freshman fifteen to look beautiful on my wedding day, I ran into the marriage twenty. (And not the kind that comes with a cute little bundle of joy, either.)

Well, I’ve recently found a little inspiration: Big Jon, the American Everyman. His struggle is our struggle. And he has an entire blog dedicated to tracking his quest to lose 100 pounds in 365 days. Best of luck, Jon. If you can lose 100, surely I can lose that pesky 20.


Blogger jevans said...

HI! thanks for linking to my site. Good luck losing those 20 lbs! I know you can do it. If you ever need some encouragement let me know!


Tue Sep 05, 06:41:00 AM  

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