Monday, September 04, 2006

One in million

My wonderful husband reminded me the other day that I am a microscopic splat on the great windshield of blogdom. Here’s a snippet of our conversation.

WH: You can’t just expect people to stumble onto your blog. Do you know how many new blogs are created every day?

ME: No. How many?

WH: 1,000.

ME: Every day?

WH: Every

ME: Oh.

I wanted to check his math, and I found an article that disagrees with him. Well, sort of. It says that there are 175,000 blogs created every day. That’s 7,200 per hour (more then 2 per second).

And so I thank you, visitors, for choosing my blog. I’m glad you could stop by.

And I also thank Google Analytics for helping me to know when and where people are stopping by. So far I've had visitors from Florida; South Carolina; North Carolina; Illinois; Michigan; Colorado; Vermont; Seoul, South Korea; and Bogotá, Columbia.


Anonymous Will said...

Yeah, that was me in Bogotá. You caught me. :-)

Don't worry, I didn't feel all that compelled to make your blog compete with the other 174,999. Too much work!

Tue Sep 05, 08:45:00 AM  

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