Thursday, December 28, 2006

O, Canada!

It’s been almost two months since my last post. What have I been up to since then? Wow, what a good question.

My husband and I...

• Took a trip to visit a very pregnant friend and her husband in Georgia

• Hosted an English murder mystery dinner for eight (and had a five-course meal that included individual beef Wellingtons—a delectable dish prepared by my husband)

• Flew up to Chicago to visit my family for Thanksgiving

• Directed a Christmas play at my church

• Planned a trip to Canada to visit my husband’s family, watched travel arrangements go totally awry, and ended up traveling to Calgary, Alberta, on Christmas day (which, I must say, is not a bad day to travel—everyone is surprisingly jolly and patient)

And now we’re experiencing some major rest and relaxation in Calgary, enjoying the snow, and spending time with family. I really enjoy our visits to Canada. In spite of the cold (which I’ve come to dislike after living in South Carolina for four years), it's a beautiful place, full of some really nice people. Even the customs people at the airport are friendly here. And they eat interesting things that I've never heard of before—like perogies.

My husband’s parents and his four sisters are all here, even though most of us had to travel (from South Carolina, Wisconsin, and South Korea). Dave and I are moving to China in February, so it might be the last Christmas we all spend together for a while.

After Canada comes New York, where we’ll be attending a friend’s wedding. It’s Dave’s first time to visit NYC, so we’re really excited. Hope to be able to share some new pictures with all of you once we get back after the first week of January. Until then, Happy New Year!