Thursday, September 28, 2006


I’m an editor who used to teach grammar to college freshman. At least three years of my life have been dedicated to helping people speak and write more accurately and with greater clarity.

But every time I see this Dilbert cartoon (and that’s pretty often since it hangs right next to the monitor in my cubicle), I feel a little grin spread across my lips.

Oh, who would I choose . . .the IT guy in the cube next to me? . . . heh, heh, heh . . .

Now that’s job security.


Blogger John said...

This is great. My favorite Dilbert line of all time: "Morale is low. There is talk of mutiny. We all dream of quitting this job and becoming lifeguards on Baywatch. Death to the pointy-haired one!"

Fri Sep 29, 06:46:00 AM  
Anonymous Katherine said...

Now that is funny!

Fri Sep 29, 11:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

I love Dilbert!

I just realized you had a blog - I like it a lot.

Wed Oct 04, 12:33:00 AM  
Anonymous spring said...

Thanks. And glad to hear that your dissertation is finished. Good work!

Wed Oct 04, 05:52:00 AM  

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