Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why blog?

Why join the blogosphere? What do I want to do with this blog? I’ve been asking myself these questions for months. I love reading other blogs, and I’ve been craving my own space. But why go through all the trouble?

Those of you reading this (if there are any of you) probably don’t need rationale. But a friend of mine recently called blogging “emotional exhibitionism,” so I feel the need to justify my actions.

First, what I am not trying to do.

I am not trying to prove myself the expert on anything. Some of my favorite blogs to read focus on one subject. And I thought of doing that. But there are already great blogs about writing and film and even self publishing. (Not that I would consider myself the expert on any of those subjects—but I do enjoy reading about them.)

I will not attempt to answer all of life’s questions. But I would like to ask questions and talk about my own experience and beliefs.

I won’t try to solve the world’s problems or play the blame game. Read: I’d rather not discuss politics—too much.

What I would like to do.

Create an online journal. We’ll see if this actually happens since I only have one hour each day to write and read blogs. We’ll see if I can restrain myself from spending most of that time editing posts that I’ve already written rather than adding new material.

Discuss life. Comments are welcome! Please don’t make me have a conversation with myself. (Though I will if I have to. A one-way correspondence would at least get my thoughts out of my head.)


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